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Villas in Costa Dorada, interested in hooking russian tourists into visiting the area regardless of their social situation.

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Regardless of Russia’s political and social situation, Tarragona’s tourist board wants to hook this segment into visiting Villas in Costa Dorada. The tourist board noticed that this year and the one coming will be years of contention among russian tourists but this market will recover soon and that is what recalls their interest.

Tourist boards of the area together with the councils of Cambrils, Salou and Vila-seca will take part in the touristic campaign spreaded around Moscow and other important cities of the country.

Port Aventura, hotel groups such as Besthotels, Ohtels, Reside, Palas and 4R as well as the Catalan Agency of Tourism will be in representation of Villas in Costa Dorada.

This promotional campaign will be organised by the touristic operator Coral Travel and its image representative in Costa Dorada, Viajes Olympia

So, to develop this campaign, five representations in 600 agencies have been carried out in  cities such as Moscow, Perm, Ufa, krasnodas and Rostov-on-Don, located in the west and south of the Russian Federation.

This action is financed by the touristic fee according to the agreement for the common operation between the public and the private sector and the costs of this fee.

Coral Travel, founded in 1992, takes a part in grupo Odeon Tours Inbound Sevices and it has its headquarters in Moscow.

His actions are developed in Russia, Poland, Belarus and Kazakhstan, places where they want to incentivize the tourism and now they are working with 2,4 milions of clients in 27 places around the world.

This season, Coral Travel foresees keeping its plans with two flights per week from May to October in Reus airport. Also, they want to work with charter flights in Barcelona’s airport with the goal of covering Villas in Costa Dorada demands.

This operator works in Villas in Costa Dorada since 2010 and every year they are recording growths. Even last year when all the operators recorded losses for the Ukraine’s conflict and Russian ruble devaluation, they maintained the demand.

The Hotels association Salou- Cambrils- La Pineda manager, Eduard Farriol, points that “in a context perceived as difficult, now we have to maintain the link with our main purchasers”.

On the other hand, José Luis Túnez, manager of the Association of Travel Agencies in Costa Dorada, states that “we are deeply worried about russian market development but we need to get in contact with the sellers in the agencies to accurately sell our destination”.

The Tourist board manager, Octavi Bono, sums up with “we are the leaders in this market and we want to maintain our situation; now that things are not as expected is important to be by their side”.

The russian touristic market is being affected by ruble’s devaluation, the conflict in Ukraine, the penalties the International Community has imposed and oil’s price.

This market grew exponentially in the last years until 2013. From there, it went down in a 30% and the forecast is that the activities of Russia’s populations will be cautious and content but with a possible recovery.

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